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CheckPoint VPN with PaloAlto not working about invalid proxy id

Question asked by Worapong Janloy on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by Matthias Haas

Client( ----[CheckPoint]([PaloAlto]----Client(


On CheckPoint Side
VPN Domain :
Interoperable Device VPN Domain :
VPN Tunnel Share : already config both per subnet and per gateway but have the same result.
user.def.FW1 :
subnet_for_range_and_peer = {


On PaloAlto Side
Proxy ID : Local : and Remote :


ERROR message from Palo : description contains 'IKE phase-2 negotiation failed when processing proxy ID. cannot find matching phase-2 tunnel for received proxy ID. received local id: type IPv4_address protocol 0 port 0, received remote id: type IPv4_subnet protocol 0 port 0.



The Result: Client from PaloAlto side can access to client on Checkpoint side but on CheckPoint side can't access client on palo side.