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Automatic Configuration of Appliance on boot

Question asked by Nicholas Sheridan on Sep 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by ofirsea040d26-f1f2-3b12-9fc6-5c89debaf56c

Hi forum,


Linux has a 'cloud-init' script that allows a server to be created and run scripts at time of creation, which something that I've used before with ansible. 


The net effect of this is it creates a infrastructure that is completely defined as code, and allows the management of the device through version control, and modified through redeployment.  It also allows a 'complete package' to be deployed, effectly allowing infrastructure definition and configuration management to be managed more as a single unit.


Is anyone aware of any such configuraton option available in gaia?  Just to emphasise this is automatic configuration at the point of instantiation, and not at reboot.


I ask as there is all this cool ansible stuff avialable now for checkpoint, ideally I just want to be able to deploy a firewall with minimum manual involvement, and be less 'precious' about the VM, so I can be more 'precious' abut the policy.