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multidomain and mgmt_cli

Question asked by Maarten Sjouw on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Amiad Stern

I was trying to add a number of object this week, I had done some last week. Last week I added them to 1 domain and now I wanted to add them to another domain, what I did upfront was mdsenv <Domain>  and started issuing the commands, this worked like a charm.

Today however when I tried to add some objects to another domain, using the same way, first set the mdsenv to the correct domain, then started issuing the (copy paste) the mgmt_cli commands, the objects ended up in the domain that I used last week???

I found out by going in the second domain and use the new network objects but were not there. Then when I issued the mgmt_cli show networks command, it showed me all the network objects from the other domain I worked on last week.


Hmm, ok maybe I need to do a set domain name <domain> command first? Well in the expert mode with mgmt_cli, that did not work, unknown object.

So ok lets try from clish and use the mgmt commands instead, as the first command used mgmt set domain name <Domain> and then issued the add network commands. they were accepted, no error messages. Going into Smartconsole, none of the networks I added are there, nor in the other domain nor in the Global domain.


What am I doing wrong?