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Gaia build number list including HFAs - does it exist?

Question asked by Petr Hantak on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by Jozko Mrkvicka

I have following problem. Quite a lot of Check Point devices across multiple core networks and remote branches as well. We are reading information from devices via HPNA.

I would like to sum up and compare device software versions in simple output where I could tell if it is already up to date for latest Jumbo HFA or if patching needs to be plan. (You can imagine that it is quite a task negotiate suitable patching window with all customers, so we have always some devices on older version).

I made simple table of few latest HFAs for R77.30 which looks following:


HFA takeBuild numberSVN build
317R77.30 - Build 126990180074
302R77.30 - Build 115990180073
292R77.30 - Build 104990180058
225R77.30 - Build 060990180695
216R77.30 - Build 048990180695
159R77.30 - Build 137990180695


I tried to find some versions summary on in SKs, but there are major releases only in List of R77.30 Gaia OS build numbers and kernel versions per released image or List of R80.10 Gaia OS build numbers and kernel versions per released image


Do you know if is it versioning summarized anywhere? HPNA reading Build number like in table by default.