R80.10 Gateway on ESXi

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Hi all,

I’m after opinions on running an R80.10 gateway purely for Layer4 ACLs, IPS and Threat Prevention – and running that gateway on vmware’s ESXi hypervisor. I’ve tried Checkpoint’s hypervisor implementation (VSX) in previous roles and had issues (not sure if the issues I ran into on VSX R77.30 are specifically solved in the R80.10 release, but I’m not keen to go VSX again).

We would probably be hitting 5GB throughput, but these aren’t perimeter firewalls and the upper tiers handle DDoS/volumetric/L3,L4 attacks, also these R80.10 gateways won’t have any crypto work since that is being offloaded elsewhere so it’s really just the IPS/AV/AB throughput I need to consider.

Keen to hear any comments!