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Question: "Ansible Module" for Checkpoint Managment server R80.10

Question asked by Amit Chaubey on Sep 15, 2018
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I am creating an "Ansible Module" for Checkpoint Managment server R80.10, I am looking for two solutions 


1. How to add any Gateway in the Management server. 

2. How to define an instance as the management server, and SIC key for gateways.I know there is a solution is available by using mgmt_cli but in that commands run in expert mode and how I can configure first Expert mode password? I am using bash to define instance as a gateway, 


my_user_data: |
clish -c 'set user admin shell /bin/bash' -s
clish -c 'set static-route {{ aws_lb1_subnet_cidr }} nexthop gateway address {{ aws_internal_route }} on' -s
config_system -s 'install_security_gw=true&install_ppak=true&gateway_cluster_member=false&install_security_managment=false&ftw_sic_key=vpn12345';shutdown -r now;



Is there any Ansible module available for this? 


Any help would be highly appreciated. 


Thank you, 


Amit Chaubey