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Is traditional VPN mode supported in R80.20?

Question asked by Nicholas Doropoulos on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2018 by Maarten Sjouw

Hi guys,


I know that in theory, R80.20 should support traditional VPN mode but that it doesn't support the option to convert traditional to simplified.


However, after exporting the database to R80.20 with the instructions outlined in this link (Installation and Upgrade Guide R80.20.M1 ), I am then getting the following output:


Title: Firewall policies with Traditional VPN mode


* Description:


Traditional mode refers to legacy VPN policy, which was replaced by Simplified VPN (first introduced at 2002 in version NG FP3). Please change the below policies by using one of the methods:

  1. Convert your Firewall policies: In SmartConsole, go to Policy > Convert To > Simplified VPN, and follow the wizard instructions.
  2. In your Firewall policy, delete rules that contain the actions Encrypt or Client Encrypt.


If you have a specific case in which you have to use Traditional VPN mode, please contact Check Point support.


Could anybody be able to provide an explanation for this please?


Many thanks.