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Having trouble connecting to Check Point 1430/1450

Question asked by Matthew Hall on Sep 14, 2018
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I am new to check point and their products/software but I am helping a client set up an edge device that allows him to access a particular VPN tunnel.  He is trying to set up a livescan fingerprint reader but to access the database he needs to follow specific steps from the State of Maryland.  First we had to assign an IP address to the device and then they would pre configure it and ship it out.


We received it and the guide tells me to place the assigned IP address as default DMZ in the router.  Did that.  Then connect ethernet to WLAN port from router.  And then plug ethernet from livescan laptop to Lan 1 on the 1430/1450 (not sure which it is exaclty, the booklet it comes with says that on the front).


Now it wants me to go to https//my.firewall to access the wizard for first time configuration.  Well I am not getting any internet access on the laptop when plugged in.  I have messed around with as many settings as I can access but no matter what I cannot finish the quick start guides steps because the laptop will not connect to the this my.firewall.


I looked up online some more detailed guides and they are talking about all this software like SmartPlatform and others and my client has no idea what any of that is talking about.  


Finally I connected the laptop to wireless and typed in https://(IP of 1430/1450):4434 and i got to a login page!  But I do not know the admin and password.  Is there another way to run the first time configuration?  Should I be connected to the internet when plugged into LAN1?  Basically our goal is to finish the steps and then there's a certain address we need to ping and email the results to the State of Maryland to be given access.


I hope this makes sense, ANY help is MUCH appreciated.