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Bridge Mode implementation on R80.10 Physical Gateway

Question asked by Herman Vermeulen on Sep 14, 2018
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On R80.10 can I create two Bridge Interfaces (For example Eth1-01 and Eth1-02 one Bridge, Eth3-01 and Eth3-02 Second Bridge) on a Physical Gateway? The Gateway is installed with 10Gb Bypass (Fail-Open) Cards but the Fail-open cards is not supported with Bond Interfaces (According to SK85560). The client have a requirement for an "inline" Bridge Mode IPS (No Firewall functionality - IPS only) inline in two 10Gb Fibers which are Port Channeled together. 

Without the Bypass cards I would have Bonded the Interfaces and then created a Bridge with the Bond Interfaces. However due to the limitation if the Bypass cards are used, I'm wondering if I can create two Bridge Interfaces and then just place the device inline in the Port Channel between the two Cisco devices.