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Need to allow all my machine to access local user in FDE machines

Question asked by Arun R on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by Arun R

Dear Team,


   Recently we implemented Endpoint FDE client(E80.85/R80.10)  with AD integration. The challenge what I face is, I am unable to login with my local user on all my machines where I installed FDE.


In Smart Endpoint Console I can add AD users, soon after I added the new users to respective machine I am able to login as many users as I want except local user account.


In our organization we created a local user to all client machines, To get the access of all machine when ever we need to do any changes on it.


Local account username: itsecsuport.


If i want access of any machine I can enter this credential for RDP(mstsc).


After installed FDE I am not able to access any machine with local user.


Note: I tested with one client machine, If I installed and logged in for the first time with local user, then after I am able to access with local user and the AD users both. If I installed and logged in for a first time with AD user then I dont.


Do I can enable any feature to identify my local-user on my Endpoint  Server to acquire the local user access to all client machines where I installed FDE.



- Arun.R