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End users can't access local network when VPN connected to us.

Question asked by David Won on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by Hugo van der Kooij

We have overlapping IP ranges between a supplier and us. Once they connect to us they can no longer access their printers etc.


Client is running Endpoint security E80.81. Firewalls running R77.30


Connection Details

User Name RXXXX
IP 69.159.XXX.XX
VPN Gateway hfpXna_gateway_cluster
Client Type Other
Connect Time 1:50:59 PM 9/11/2018
SCV State Unknown
Operating System
Build Number
Last SCV Fail Reason
Internal IP
Authentication Method XAUTH
Encryption Algorithm ESP3DES
Visitor Mode False
Route traffic False
UDP Encapsulation NATT
Office Mode True



Any ideas on how to work around this. Way back in the past we fixed this by making a batch file that the user could run to change their routes to point the conflicting 10 network to their local gateway.


Anybody know of a better way to handle this?