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Cluster XL - Gateway's are not showing up when do add cluster members.

Question asked by Ankur Datta on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by Maarten Sjouw

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I have a environment, where there are 2 R77.30 gateway's and 1 R80.10 Management server. Both Gateway's are managed by R80.10 Management server. Now there is a requirement to make cluster of 2 gateways in active/standby mode. I enabled cluster through cpconfig on both gateway's. Now i create a cluster object through smart console, provide cluster IP and then move to add cluster members. But when i choose existing gateway's, no gateway's appear in this new application window. If i select new cluster member and add details then i get error, object already exists.


Kindly guide if we can make a cluster through this approach or what is the best way to configure cluster for the gateway's already live in environment.