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R77.30 MDS HA and NGSE upgrade to R80.10

Question asked by Matt Sherman on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by Maarten Sjouw

I have to upgrade to R80.10.  This includes R77.30 MDS High Availability (3050 appliances) and a dedicated SmartEvent server (NGSE VM).  I have found multiple articles and docs, and still have the following questions and concerns.  Any help is much appreciated.


R77.30 MDS HA (3050 appliances) upgrade to R80.10 and NGSE (VM) upgrade to R80.10


1. Should the NGSE be upgraded first to R80.10 and connect to the R77.30 MDS (sk110894)?  


2. Should NGSE be upgraded first to R80.10 and not connect it to the MDS, upgrade the R77.30 MDS to R80.10 the same change window, and then connect the R80.10 SE to R80.10 MDS?  I planned on using the same name and IP address.


3. Should the R77.30 MDS be upgraded to R80.10 and then upgrade the NGSE to R80.10 in the same change window?


4. Even though the SmartEVent server is a VM, it might not be possible (vm box too small) to keep both NGSE and R80.10 at the same time.  Any concerns or suggestions on how make sure no log data is lost (requirement must keep 180 days of logs).  


5. Depending on the size of the event database, it could take a very long time to export and import.  During the export process, what happens new logs?  I need to prevent the loss of any log data.  During the import process, what happens to new logs?  Do I need to change the configuration on the MDS/firewalls to only log to the MDS during the time the SE is being exporting, upgraded, and imported?  Once the SE is upgraded to R80.10 can it receive new logs while the old database is still being imported?  


6.  The R80.10 Installation and Upgrade Guide (page 131) says for Upgrading from R77.xx to R80.10, upgrade the primary serving using CPUSE, do a clean install of the secondary, initiate SIC between primary and secondary and wait for them to sync.  Since I have a MDS is this still the recommended process?  On page 88 it says it is recommended you use database export/migrate to upgrade.  


3 items regarding dedicated SmartEvent NGSE upgrade to R80.10


1. I found that says how to migrate the events database from SmartEvent server R7x to SmartEvent R80 and above server.  Does this include NGSE to R80.10?  If not, is there a procedure for NGSE to R80.10?  I cannot lose any logs as it is a requirement to maintain 180 days of logs.  


2. I found that talks about importing report templates.  It was mentioned that the import process would be fixed in a R80.10 JHF.  Has that indeed happened?  Are there any steps needed to export the NGSE report templates and import into R80.10?


3. I found that mentions the procedure to upgrade from NGSE is being working on but hasn't been released yet.  Has it been released and where can it be found?