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Queries related to Sandblast Endpoint agent and Management server.!!

Question asked by Rajanikant Chaturvedi on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2018 by Rajanikant Chaturvedi

Scenario: Customer wants to deploy a new Sandblast management server as he lost the all credentials for the existing Sandblast management server R77.30.03(VM). The customer has 150 plus Endpoint agents installed on the end machines.


  • Requirement: Need to uninstall 103 Endpoint agents from the end machine. 

1. Is there any way for the exiting Endpoint agents to talk to a new management server? 

2. Can I uninstall Endpoint agents from the Smart Endpoint utility? or do I have to do it manually one by one?


Note: we can't take the back up of the database from the existing management server as we don't have Gaia credentials.