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Override Categorization

Question asked by Shahar Grober on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Jeroen Demets

Question about Override Categorization in URL Filtering. 


I am trying to override categorization of URL that is categorized as "Gambling" on my Check Point gateway although when I checked in URL Categorization | Check Point Software Technologies it is categorized as "Business / Economy". 


Log from Security Management 


URL Category  in Check Point 



Few Questions:


1. Why the URL is categorized differently on my gateway then in URL Categorization | Check Point Software Technologies ?

2. I applied for URL re-categorization ("Request for Category Change ) but got a reply that it will stay as "Business / Economy". Is this the right procedure or it is a bug and I should involve TAC?

3. In the meantime I want to manually do Override categorization. Do I need to just create an Override Categorization object with primary category Business / Economy" and install policy or I should explicitly add the Override Categorization object to a rule?