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Site2Site DR setup with ASA

Question asked by Upraj Singh on Sep 3, 2018

Failover DR related Question. 

We have an established Site2Site VPN connectivity between ASA and checkpoint as in pic (Firewall 1 and Firewall 2)

we want to have DR tunnel Site2Site VPN (Firewall 1 and Firewall 3) 

Problem is that Site 2 and Site 3 has a layer 2 auto failover using NSX VMware technology and encryption domain is same for these tunnels. 


What is the best way to achieve this auto failover in case of Firewall 2 site is destroyed..?

layer 2 failover will only happen if firewall 2 is unresponsive.. or in case a disaster. meaning the failover of Layer 2 IP's will happen to firewall 3. Can i achieve this with same encryption domain IP's? and will ASA be smart enough or a change will be needed there as well.. Open to ideas if someone has worked in a situation like this or if there is an SK which can guide me ..?