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R80 automation - VSX VS configuration using run-script

Question asked by Fredrik Holmberg on Aug 30, 2018
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Ref. an earlier discussion here on Check Mates R80 automation - VS logging settings through CLI/API , thanks Dameon Welch-Abernathy and Valeri Loukine for your insights.


Took the time to migrate the code handling VSX VS creation over from SSH/CLI scraping to REST, using the `run-script` method[1]. It works great, except for custom parameters we discussed earlier.


Speaking of `run-script` - we are also automating BGP configuration and other things on the VSX VS nodes.


I would like to migrate that code over to using REST as well, but it looks like it's not possible to specify a VSX cluster node as the `run-script` target , only domain management servers.


I'm probably missing something. Is SSH/CLI scraping still the best approach for automating VSX VS configuration?




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[1]Check Point - Management API reference