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Set default query timeframe

Question asked by Henrik Noerr on Aug 29, 2018

I am trying to set the default query time frame to 24h from 7 days in SmartLog and the 'View rule log' functionality.

This can be set manually by each user in Smartlog, but I cannot find a central way to do this. The change is saved in \\AppData\Local\Check Point\SmartConsole\R80.10\UserSettings\<USER>\<DomainIP>\<DomainName>


I guess one way would be to control this with a GPO - But I would much rather be able to control this from the MDS/MLM


I know of the user_settings.xml file on the MDS - Perhaps this can be expanded? I cannot find any documentation on this.


The reason for all of this is simply to lessen the load on the system, with +50 admins browsing rulesets, and querying SmartLog directly. Furthermore, a 24h default is much more practical IMO.


Any thoughts?