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Can not install the latest Smart Dashboard on Windows 10

Question asked by Alex Gilis on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Alex Gilis

I am unable to install the latest R80.10 Smart Dashboard on my PC. I used to have it working, but uninstalled it.

I've downloaded the latest build from Support Center AND a working, updated management station, but after telling it's uncompressing the installation files, it stops without error messages, the process just disappears. I tried multiple times, Run as Admin, compatibility troubleshoot etc, rebooted, shut down, restarted PC etc, but still same issue. I'm on the move so couldn't check on another station, but I wonder if it's a known problem? My PC runs ZoneAlarm (tried with turning it off) and is a completely patched and up to date Windows 10 Pro system. It's the first time I reinstall SD after having it uninstalled it, so I wonder if it's not a leftover issue?