R80.10 - SNMP - ifHCOutOctets  (ifOutOctets)  counters are not good on vlan interface

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Since the migration on the version R80.10, we have had an issue on the SNMP part:

  • The ifHCOutOctets  (ifOutOctets)  counters are not good (OID :<X>) for each vlan interfaces, but these counters are still ok for  physical interfaces and ifHCInOctets (ifInOctets) counters are ok on both : vlans and physical interfaces (OID :<X>)

We opened a case about this issue and we do not know if this issue is already known.


Interesting to understand why there is a change about the interrogation of the standard Linux mib : IF-MIB.mib

Do not see any sk about it and checked global info on this one : sk90860 (How to configure SNMP on Gaia OS) without success.

Thanks in advance if some of you have information to correct this issue about monitoring.