Kaspars Zibarts

MDS backup too big and slow in R80.10

Discussion created by Kaspars Zibarts on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Mike Andretta

For those running MDS management solution. What's your take on backup after R80.10? In our case in R77.30 backup was approx 3GB in size and it took less than half an hour to restore MDS and have it up and running. With R80.10 backup has grown to 18GB(!) within a year and actual process takes well over an hour if not closer to two. As an engineer I might accept the argument that R80.10 brought in so many new features thus increasing backup size but from business and disaster recovery point of of view it is complete shumbles. 


Ironically it makes even support process painfully slow as I was asked to upload MDS backup yesterday and considering that CP FTP servers are over 50ms away from us, it will take couple of hours to complete that.


I have been raising SRs trying to point out inefficiency of MDS backup process for years - same MDS TGZ being archived and compressed 4 times... Seriously. In order to restore backup now (offcial MDS GAIA backup) we would need nearly 100GB free disk-space. Not that it costs too much money but it makes it so slow.


I'm not expecting many votes as probably not that many run MDS but still would be good to hear opinions about the matter