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Automate Administrators creation on R80.10 SMS

Discussion created by Juan Carlos on Aug 20, 2018
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I need to find a way to automate Administrators creation with RADIUS authentication on several Security Sanagement Servers. I don't want the RADIUS administrator to connect on each Security Management Server to creates the Administrators (he is not allowed to do that). I have tried to use the API but unfortunately I got the following message telling me it's not supported :

[sms]# mgmt_cli --port <PORT> -u <USER> -p <PASSWORD> add administrator name "<NAME>" authentication-method "radius" radius-server "<RADIUS_SERVER>"
code: "err_inappropriate_domain_type"
message: "This command can work only on domains of type MDS. Cannot execute it in the current domain (current domain type is Domain)."

Executed command failed. Changes are discarded.

Any idea/trick that I could use to achieve what I want to do?