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FW-1: [cul_load_freeze][CUL - Cluster] CUL should be OFF...

Question asked by Pedro Amaral on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2018 by Jozko Mrkvicka

Hi Mates,


All of the suden, like two days ago, our R80.10 Cluster with two 13500 appliances start to show these messages along the day. Until now we are not observing any effects on live traffic.

We are following related KB articles to check for performance issues and until now doesn't seem we have any constrains due to the traffic load on the gateways, which by the way, is pretty much more or less the same as before.

Despite the ongoing performance troubleshoot going on, our first question is, since we are not observing pratical impacts in the live traffic, is this behaviour relevant in clusters on Load-Sharing mode?

We found a couple of KBs about cluster flapping issues but they are only applicable on HA mode.


PS: I will post more details with our findings about the performance of the gateways in course due.

Many Thanks,