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ClusterXL Loadsharing Unicast Mechanism

Question asked by Amir Arama on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by Maarten Sjouw


i want to understand further the mechanism of loadsharing unicast with Vmac.
for example, how a pivot member forward packet to a non pivot member? i thought that the Pivot change the destination mac of the packet to the physical mac of the non pivot and send the packet out from the same interface the packet was originally received. is it true?
also on Arp requests sent by the non pivot member does it came out with the physical IP and Mac of the non pivot member? or does it translate itself to the VIP and Vmac ?
i encounter an issue on interface that i configured the physical IP on a different subnet from the VIP, that the non pivot failed to learn the arp of the next hop on this interface (vlan interface actually). on tcpdump i saw arp request sent from the physical Mac to Broadcast Mac, and with physical IP of the nic (which is in different subnet)
for example: who has tell ? and no response was sent to those arp requests.
GWs version is r80.10 take 121. GAIA.