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Check Point Capsule

Question asked by Torbjorn Granheden on Aug 14, 2018
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I´m working with a large multinational company. They are using Check Point Mobile with Windows 7.

Now they are starting to deploy windows 10 and are looking at Always on VPN.


I have come across three options:


1. Always on VPN with the native Win VPN client and Check Point Capsule plugin against Checkpoint backen

-Pros - Small software installation from store, uses existing backend

-Cons - Poorly documented, looks like the client has no updated since 2014?


2. Always-connect with the Check Point Mobile client against Checkpoint backend

-Pros - Uses existing backend

-Cons - Check Point Mobile Software broke between 1709 and 1803


3. Always on VPN with the native Win VPN client against Windows RRAS in backend

-Pros - No software installation, Device tunnel

-Cons - Needs a complete new backend with Windows RRAS


Has anyone successfully used option 1 with Capsule and Always on VPN configuration?

Is option 1 a stable simple solution or is option 2 better?

Does option 1 have any limitations compared to option 2?


All input is appreciated

Mr Tbone