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SIC issue

Question asked by GUEYDON Olivier on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by 89f54c70-508c-400f-9477-dd8648799b1e

Hi all,

I have a cluster of 2 5000 Appliances, running R80.10.

My trooble is one of the member, the standby, has lost SIC with the SMS. The Active is running well, but i can't push new policies.

I tried 30 times to reset SIC between the standby and the SMS, but always got error (300, 148).

So about 30 revoked certs on the SMS ...

My question is : must i reset both gateways SIC (even the active) ?

If so, as i can't push policies, what would happen for the active GW ?


Thanks a lot for your help,