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CheckPoint R65 UTM-1 directory paths and backups

Question asked by Mig Dorjee on Aug 7, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by Günther W. Albrecht

Hello there,


We have a R65 in of our remote sites. We are in process of migrating to newer version hence I am trying to take "upgrade_export" backup along with "show configuration". When I login to this Firewall, it takes me directly to "CP#" mode which I believe is in Expert mode since it has # symbol (correct me if I am wrong) but when I attempt to issue "cd" command, it doesn't recognize as I want to be able to go to /var and /opt so I can run the ./export command to issue the backup and view. I have been searching online for this solution but have been unsuccessful doing so. Within this CP# mode, I am able to issue "backup" command but doesn't tell where it is stored. Although, it stores in /var/log, I cannot view because can't "cd" command is not recognized. 


Next, I wanted to go to clish mode so I can issue "show configuration" command but it doesn't recognize clish mode. It displays "Unknown command "clish"". 


Can someone please provide input to these? Thank you.