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How to allow ssh to DMZ web server?

Question asked by Network M on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by Yonathan Kazansky

I have a web server in my office.

It has 2 ip addresses: DMZ ip address and Global Internet ip address.

Administrator of web site can connect to it by SSH from its Global Internet ip address.


My question is this:

How to make it to connect Administrator to its DMZ ip address in order to be secure?


In access-lists, I did the followings (current rule):


Source: IP address of Administrator (Local int. ip address, example: 192.168.20.xx)

Destination: IP address of DMZ web server (192.168.21.xx)

Service: SSH, SSH v2,

Action: Accept


On right side of SMART CONSOLE, where hosts located, when I created host DMZ WEB SERVER, I assigned ip address 192.168.21.xx and in the NAT settings I assigned its Global Internet Ip address.


Now Administrator can connect to its Global internet IP address.

How to connect to its DMZ ip address?