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Multiple questions (licensing, number of cores)

Question asked by Teddy Brewski on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by Timothy Hall



Licensing: we own several R77 licenses used with open servers. When we renew our contract with Check Point can we upgrade to R80 using existing licenses, or R80 licenses have to be purchased separately? As far as I understood the licensing model with R80 has changed and now many features/blades come in a bundle. So if we have a 2 core limit with R77 license how is it going to be transferred to R80? Or do we have to "trade in" our old licenses and buy the new ones?


Number of cores: is there any correlation between a number of cores and number of 10Gbe interfaces for a Check Point installation under open servers? I understand that it will very much depend on the load, but assuming that no heavy blades are used, with 16-18K concurrent connections per second, is this more or less one core per one 10Gbe interface?


Bonding: when creating a bond, is it a good idea (performance wise) to assign ports from NICs installed in different PCIe slots?


Thank you in advance.