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Smart Console R80.10 Build 056 - Better scrolling but broken jump to rule feature

Question asked by Tobias Moritz on Aug 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by Ron Izraeli

Can anyone confirm this behavior:


While the scrolling behavior is really a little better in a large rule bases, there is a new bug:

If you use the where-used feature on an object and double click on a mached rule, it jumps to some position in the rule base which is far away from where it should jumb to.


On a rule base with about 1800 rules and about 250 section tiles:

Double click on a line in where-used dialog which says rule number 864 in Access Policy XYZ:

It jumps to Access Policy XYZ but to rule number 144 (after GUI is frozen for a few seconds).


Even worse, but I think this is related:

Actions->Go to rule

Enter rule number 864:

It jumps to rule 178.


Both bugs are NOT reproducable when all section titles are expanded.

But this makes Smart Console unusable slow.


This is a no-go for our daily operation team. Unless anyone knows a workaround, we have to go back to Build 042.