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sk121447 - How to perform an automated health check of a Gaia based system (results you don't really understand)

Question asked by 89f54c70-508c-400f-9477-dd8648799b1e on Aug 2, 2018
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quick few I guess, wonder what you think folks,:


1. see enclosed. did 1 HC, resulted CPUSE build number warrning, you know why? coz I don't. Here is the fact what build number I run:


SMS1> show installer status
Agent:              enabled
Build number:       1439 (agent build is up to date)
Network connection:  Could not connect to the Check Point Cloud. Check your connection settings (Default Gateway,  DNS  and  Proxy )
Update from cloud:  last updated on Thu Aug  2 15:15:57 2018
License:            valid


*** am I really outdated? I believe the error in HC is due to the indirect-communication with CPUSE meaning that SMS's (MGMT HA) has no direct internet access to CPUSE? am I correct that this .sh checkes what this command does:


curl_cli -v -k


2.  Result of Free Disk Space (I guess that 98% of use seem to me like a reason ...)  


[Expert@SMS1:0]# df -ahl
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                       31G  9.8G   20G  34% /
proc                     0     0     0   -  /proc
sysfs                    0     0     0   -  /sys
devpts                   0     0     0   -  /dev/pts
/dev/sda1             289M   24M  251M   9% /boot
tmpfs                 4.9G  4.0K  4.9G   1% /dev/shm
                      238G  220G  5.6G  98% /var/log
none                     0     0     0   -  /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc




have you tried yourself the output from that HC that you got shocked vs. surprised and what was it? anything unusual folks?