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Allow SCCM ZeroTouch staging with FDE?

Question asked by sean.ae792f7f-f13e-4633-ab9d-35383955813b on Aug 1, 2018

When initiating a SCCM ZeroTouch Task Sequence on a running OS, the process stages files on the local drive and forces the machine to reboot into WinPE via the staged files. This process breaks when the local drive is encrypted. For other FDE products, the solution usually revolves around adding the encryption product's drivers to WinPE and/or not encrypting the staged files. Has anyone been able to make this work?


I can make this process work if I manually boot into WinPE via PXE-boot or a USB drive as ZeroTouch can then wipe out the partition, but I'd really like this to work on a running OS as it would require no manual action.