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Questions around API and Monitoring

Question asked by Daniel Meier on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by Pedro Espindola

Hi there,


I might have miss it, but are there plans to extend the API possibilities regarding monitoring the Checkpoint Solution (maybe including Gateways?)?


  • Gateway Cluster state (best, of all cluster members)
  • Active Connections
  • Interface status
  • S2S VPN status
  • Mobile Access Connections/User
  • Last Policy install date/result (Warning/Errors)
  • general System stats (Load, Disk etc.)
  • License status
  • (Dynamic Routing?)
  • (Critical Errors)

and so on...


Perhaps, it is possible to fetch the informations through the Management Server API. So Management Server is acting as kind of a proxy. Or directly addressing the Gateways...through an API?


I have some customers who are using several Monitoring Solutions and want to include the central Firewall/Routing there. And sometimes SNMP is not the preferred way (When managing several gateways all over the world, for example) and some information (from above) you don´t get via SNMP.



(I hope, this is correctly located here )