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multiple VPN IPsec : select one tunnel in function of the source subnet

Question asked by OSMOZ Enedis on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by OSMOZ Enedis

Hello everybody,


I have a simple question on a Checkpoint VPN functionality. If you have more than one tunnel, is it possible to select one tunnel in function of the source subnet ?


Here is the context of my request :

On my network, I have an IPsec tunnel between a Security Gateway Virtual Edition and a cluster of two Checkpoint 2200 T-110. Each member of the cluster build his own tunnel with the Security Gateway VE.


I would like to set up a new Security Gateway Virtual Edition and buid new tunnels with this VM. The need is to split trafics from different network and have them arrive on two separate platforms.


My whish is that hosts belonging to the subnet use IPsec_tunnel_A and hosts from subnets, use the new IPsec_tunnel_B.


I didn't succeed in setting up this idea. Do you know if this is possible ? All my devises works on Gaia OS 77.30.

Thank you for your help.