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Checkpoint to Fortinet VPN

Question asked by Justin Hickey on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by Justin Hickey

Kind of in a jam and need to get a tunnel up and running in short order. To make it worse its a non Checkpoint firewall with a dynamic outside interface. Now in the Juniper SRX world we accomplished this using aggressive mode. 


One side is a large Checkpoint cluster running R80.10 . Obviously the outside interface has a static ip. 

On the other side is a small Fortinet 60E-POE that will be in someones house. The WAN interface plugs into a Frontier DSL Modem ( ARRIS ) . The WAN interface will get a 192.168 address and be NAT'ed when it goes to the Internet. 


I need a route based VPN setup between these two. Anyone do anything similar ? Have any guidance? Thanks.