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R80.10 Smartview Reports not showing allowed traffic

Question asked by Anton Jordan on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by Anton Jordan

Hi All,

R80.10 Openserver - Mngmt running Log Server/Smartevent also
Having an issue with running reports atm..


Using Filter - 'service=ssh'


Withing Smartview logs I can see logs all fine.. accept/drop etc etc
But when running a report however it doesn’t show 'ssh' packets accepted/allowed.. but shows only ssh dropped packets.
It appears I cannot get a report on packets that are allowed/accepted etc..
In my normal logs I can see them.. but in the report.. it shows nothing for accept/allow. I have only one filter (service = ssh) defined and nothing being inherited also that I can see that will exclude accept/allowed from being omitted.


Running the pre-defined report - Network Activity - Access control.


In my SmartEvent policy config I have ‘Firewall Session’ checked under 'Event Policy -> Consolidation Sessions'


Any ideas?
thanks in adv