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Sizing of DC-Gateways

Question asked by Sascha Hasenstab on Jul 16, 2018
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Question regarding sizing


Hello together,


I have a qeustion regarding sizing of new gateways. My Company thinks about to exchange Cisco ASA 5585 against Check Point Gateways.
Which gateways would you recomend?


Here are some date what is needed:


*Multicast (a lot of multicastgroups)
*Cluster (active/standby or loadbalancing)
*Identity Awareness
*1500000 concurent session (at the moment)
*~5GBit/s throughput (at the moment)
*10GBit Interfaces (at the moment a bond with 4 X 10 GBit)


As a matter of course there should be enough spare, regarding performance, for future use and growing of traffic.
The gateways are planned for datacenter-use, so VPN is not needed


Any hint would be appreciated.
Thank you for your help in advance.


Best regards