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E80.83 Deployment issues

Question asked by Phil Melvin on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by Sean Van Loon

Since updating our clients to 80.83 (from a very outdated 8.4) I have been having issues with deployment, in particular on freshly imaged computers.


I image our computers using SCCM and as part of the imaging process SCCM installs the CheckPoint Initial Client. What used to happen is that after imaging, upon first boot the initial client would connect to the CheckPoint server and automatically install the appropriate blades for the computer according to deployment rules.


Since updating the clients this no longer happens - the blades do not automatically install. When the computer is first booted after imaging I can see that the initial client is there, it says "connected" and I keep seeing a system tray bubble which says "Package Verification Succeeded" but the blades do not install.


When I look up the computer in the management console under Reporting/Software Deployment Status it shows as "scheduled" with a deployment time of the next day, so it seems as though it is being automatically postponed for 24 hours, but I cannot understand why.


Can anybody help shed any light on this? Am I deploying incorrectly, or is the some setting somewhere telling it to postpone the blade installation?


For information this is happening on a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers and the blades I am wanting to install are MEPP and FDE.