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Question asked by Matt Dunn on Jul 13, 2018
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Are there any Apache guru's out there?!


My customer has ordered a GoDaddy SSL certificate to use on Mobile Access.  GoDaddy have emailed back the validation email.  There are two options to validate the domain.  The first is a domain name zone change and owing to the size of the organisation and hoops I'd need to jump through, that option is a last resort...


Option 2 reads:


2. If you are able to store a web page in the highest-level directory of the website for the common name you're using, you can use the Domain Website Control validation process. Please note this option is not available for Wildcard SSL. After you have followed the instructions linked below, you should be able to view the file using the following URL(s):

So the question - is there a way to add the above page on to the gateway (Gaia R77.30) so that it is accessible?  Or is Apache on the gateway too locked down to bother trying?