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R80.10 - Integrated SMS,Correlation,SEvent. CPU Overload. 8 Core

Discussion created by Aaron Pritchard on Jul 11, 2018
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have been running and developing an R80.10 SMS for a while now in production, Integrated SmartCorrelation and SmartEvent blades enabled.

On a VMWare platform. The hardrive began to run out of space, so i migrated within VM to a new disk. at the same time, i increased the CPU from 4 > 8 core. and RAM from 16Gb to 32Gb.


however since then i seem to be getting CPU spike issues. specifically, they kick in when i try to run any reports that go over about 7 days.


#top  shows java process hitting upwards of 800% cpu, and 46% of total used RAM.

It will not settle down, cpstop/start resolves. killing the specific process actually kills all log views in smart console.


What specs are others running for this?

or, is there some sort of file i havent modified to account for the new additional resources perhaps?


i was having a gc slave issue. to which i followed the below sk. this has now been fixed (increasing maximum java memory allocation from 2gb to 4gb.). however the cpu spikes still occur. no longer with gc slave, but with a process called ' qtp765773944-51' < multiple spawns of this.