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Unified Policy / Access Roles / IPASSIGNMENT.CONF

Question asked by Ivo Marques on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by Gaurav Pandya

Hi mates,


I’m starting with R80.10 and Unified Policy and, for remote access I need to authenticate my users on Active Directory and assign the IP using ipassignment.conf (like I did it on R77.30). On R77.30 I was using LDAP Groups on the Rulebase and in the ipassignment.conf. On R80.10 I have to use “Access Roles” on the rulebase because of the Unified Policy how can I use ipassignment.conf in this scenario.

I tried to put Access Role name on the ipassignment and didn’t work, I also create an LDAP Group and add it to the Access Role and the authentication worked fine but the LDAP Group on the ipassignment didn’t.

Any ideas?