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SSH Banners - Embedded

Question asked by Thomas Lee on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by Pedro Espindola

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Can anyone share the steps for creating an SSH banner in embedded GAIA?  It is no problem on every other gateway/platform that we have - but I come to a 1450 (R77.20.75)  or an 1100 (R77.20.60) and it is no dice. 1100s have an /etc/issue file that can be configured - but there appears to only be a symbolic link to the ssh location - which then points to what appears to be a complete 'symbolic pathway'?? /etc/ssh --> /var/ssh/ - so that would appear to rule out configuring sshd?


The 1450's seem to have the same symbolic link to ssh, but they seem to lack an /etc/issue file.