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Policy Based Routing and default route / features

Question asked by 3fc495f8-2e38-469a-8e6e-4067a7271adb on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by Michael Martin

Hi everyone,


just some questions regarding policy based routing.


We have defined a default IPv4 static route in GAIA that points to an IP address of our router.
Now I have configured a new network that needs its default route to point to a different IP address.


Policy based routing is not yet configured, only static IPv4 routes.
The idea was to configure PBR the following way:
1) Create an Action Table with the option "Default Route" ticked and the different router IP address.
2) Create a Policy table with the new network as matching criteria.


Now I have the following questions:


a) Will the newly created PBR default route conflict with my default static IPv4 route for all my other networks?
I do not want end up with all my other networks using the default route defined in PBR... only the new network.


b) The PBR sk article states that some features are not supported with PBR like: Anti Spam Blade, Mail Transfer Agent.
Is it possible to configure PBR and continue to use these features with all the networks that use IPv4 static routing?
If I understand this statement right then this features are only not available for the PBR routed networks and will continue to work fine with all my other networks, is that correct?


Thanks and best regards