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R80.10 SmartConsole Linking Custom Sub-Views

Question asked by Matt J on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by Norbert Bohusch

Is there any way to create or link to a sub-view on widgets in Logs and Monitoring? In some of the OOTB views, when you click on widgets it takes you to a new view of that info. 


For example, I created a new view with custom widgets, one is 'Top Applications'. This shows the highest bandwidth apps. If I click on an app it, it opens a new log view tab which isn't very helpful in determining who's using the most bandwidth for that application since I can't sort or group in a log view. 


If I open the 'High Bandwidth Applications' view that CheckPoint created, it has the same widget. When I click an app on that one, it takes me to another view that shows top users, top browse time, amount of sent/received, timeline, etc. The sub-view has a back button that takes you back to your main view. 


Is there a way to create custom views like that? I can copy/paste that widget in the CheckPoint view to my own, but if I customize the sub-view, it customizes it for any other views linked to it.