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Long Buffer queue length

Question asked by Steve Moran on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by Steve Moran

I am seeing long buffer queue length's on my external interfaces of my gateways (only external).  As well output drops and pause input on the cisco 3850 10gb port connected to the device.

ifconfig tells me the txqueue length is 1000 (whatever units that is) while the cisco's max txqueue length is 2000.

Is it possible/advisable to make these match?  I looked into mulitqueue, which is currently disabled, and the cpu utilization on the proc alloctated to SND is 80-90% idle, so I wouldn't think its a candidate for multiqueue.  This is on a 15600, 10gb port, r80.10 take 112.  

I attached some screen shots of the info on the switch and the fw.  I did open a tac case, but cisco says its checkpoint's issue, while checkpoint says its cisco's issue.