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EndPoint Security / SandBlast Uninstall error

Question asked by Paulo Balau on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by Paulo Balau

Hello CheckMates


We have E80.83.5080 for the EndPoint Security.

Some EndPoints are showing disconnect even when trying to reconnect. Because of that, we cannot manage to deploy software & updates to these machines.

So, we typically uninstall it and install it again. And tipically it works fine.


BUT... For a bunch of machines, It keeps us asking for a unintall password. Even though we're spelled it correctly (for sure yes! i works on others) it keeps asking for the administrative rigths to uninstall. We ran as administrator, domain administrator,user account etc but no use.


Is there a way to override this, it should let us uninstall as administrator but… 


Thx in advance

Paulo Balau