R77.30.03 - Installation Issues To Note

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Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by Dameon Welch-Abernathy

Hello guys,


Just wanted to give a heads up to people looking to install Endpoint Management on Smart-1 405 and R77.30.


1) Smart-1 405/410 appliances are not compatible with Endpoint Hotfixes as per sk119712. If you have that and trying to support Endpoint, you're out of luck.


2) Jumbo Take 302 includes support for R77.30.03 in it. You can check sk106162 for more info. It doesn't mention that the Jumbo Hotfix is incompatible with Smart-1 405/410. As per sk117578, Take 266 and up should be compatible.


3) Endpoint jumbo hotfix and endpoint management hotfix must be installed before installing Jumbo Take hotfixes as per sk119893. The install will fail if you try. You will need to uninstall your Jumbo Take hotfix before you can install the Endpoint ones.


3a) Fun part in lab for R77.30: Install Jumbo Hotfix Take 302. Install Endpoint Jumbo Hotfix - It fails due to dependencies. Install Endpoint Management hotfix. It partially installs but fails at FW1 step. Your Threat Prevention blades stop working and SmartDashboard reports an "internal error" when you try to access the blade. You revert backup and get back your Threat Prevention. You uninstall Take 302. You try to install Endpoint Jumbo Hotfix - Success. You try to install Endpoint Management hotfix - It fails as it previously partially installed. You try to uninstall the legacy hotfix. It fails. The problem persists even if you restored backup.


4) R80.10 does not currently support the Sandblast Endpoint components. It is planned for R80.20. What I don't know is whether R80.20 will support the Endpoint components on Smart-1 405.


Hope this helps.