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Checkpoint to Cisco VPN

Question asked by Raj Khatri on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by Raj Khatri

We have a Star VPN with 3rd Party Cisco ASA firewall (interoperable device).  The VPN is up and stable and able to pass traffic between encryption domains.  We are experiencing an intermittent issue when traffic is initiated from the Cisco side to a resource on our Checkpoint side, when it needs to traverse our Mesh VPN network. 


When the Source connects to resource that goes over 2 VPN connections, it fails on the first and sometimes second attempt but successfully connects the third attempt.  It never connects the first time.  There are no drops on FW-A or FW-B.



Source   ->   Cisco ASA   ->   Star VPN   ->   Checkpoint FW-A   ->   Resource


Not Working:

Source   ->   Cisco ASA   ->   Star VPN   ->   Checkpoint FW-A   ->   Mesh VPN   -> Checkpoint FW-B   -> Resource


Has anyone run into this?