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API Query - 1004 NOT_FOUND

Question asked by Alastair Price on Jun 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by Gil Geron

Hi there,

I'm using API with R77.30 Local Sandblast Appliances. After successfully uploading files I get 1004 NOT_FOUND when I try Query. 


If I query with just sha1 hash the response includes all 3 file hashes (md5 sha1 & sha256) but but fails to return AV & Extraction results while TE can find file and returns a verdict.


I can see new file handled in ted.elg and stored in te_tmp_files and Emulation returning 'Benign' verdict.  With debug I also see AV scan request and response in log for KavRpcScanFile (assume this is Kaspersky) and BdRpcSan (?) - both log Clean status but this result is never returned in API query. Can't find any logging related to Extraction...


I've attached API queries and responses.