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Additional External IP (AWS)

Question asked by Sandra Suarez on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by Sandra Suarez

The customers has a cluster R80.10 on AWS environment.

The front-end 172.31.19.x with public IP address (eth0)

The back-en 172.31.18.x (eth1)


On the front-end interfaces are configured severals subiterfaces to public services, something like this


172.31.19.x  public1

172.31.19.y  public2

172.31.19.z  public3

172.31.19.v  public4

172.31.19.q  public5


But the customer reach the limit of interface to associate public IP address and need to public more.

We try to do that add another external interface but it does not work.

Anyone how which is the procedure in this case??